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Крафтова сироварня створена на базі молочної ферми «Альпіна» в селі Мар’янівка, Каховського району, Херсонської області, яке свою чергу знаходиться на півдні Таврійського степу, поблизу біосферного заповідника «Асканія-Нова».

На власній сироварні виготовляємо бринзу та свіжі сири з травами, паприкою, оливками, а також тверді витримані сири. Асортимент сирів різноманітний. Сири виготовляються, як з козиного молока, так і з коров’ячого молока екстракласу, яке поставляється з молочної ферми Долинського. Крім сирів Мар’янівська сироварня виготовляє йогурти з різними смаками, сметану та масло.

При виготовлені сирів використовуємо класичну рецептуру, яку вдосконалюємо та оновлюємо впроваджуючи новітнє обладнання. Козиний сир має свій унікальний смак, люди все частіше його куштують та купують, а користь для організму від продуктів з козиного молока не можна оцінити ні з чим.

Official Sponsor
of the XX Jubilee "Tavria Fair"

The main activity of the Vlastelyn is the trade of construction and decoration materials, professional and household tools, and equipment. Today, the trade network enjoys the authority of a stable, reliable, and affordable trading company, which is a leader in the retail and wholesale market in the field of modern building materials. It is important to note that the results of our work are fully reflected in the range of products offered and the pleasant atmosphere in the trading rooms. In addition, the stores have implemented a system of discount cards and savings.

In Vlastelyn's markets there are various promotions and events that attract more and more customers. To strengthen its positive image, the company holds social and charitable events. Caring for buyers is embodied not only in the affordable prices but also in the quality of the presented goods - the Vlastelyn trading network cooperates only with proven manufacturers to be sure of the quality of the products being sold.

Only we offer our customers the largest range of services that can make the construction and repair process easy and comfortable. For more than 10 years of impeccable work, Vlastelyn has earned the trust of many clients in the Kherson Region.

We can and should be trusted!

of the XX Jubilee "Tavria Fair"

The House of Vintage Cognacs "Tavria" is one of the most powerful winemaking enterprises in Ukraine with over a century of history.

Geographically, Tavria is located in the city of Nova Kakhovka, on the 46th parallel, which is the same parallel with the world famous city of Cognac (France), the homeland of the noble drink with the same name. The climate zone, where Tavria's vineyards grow, has been recognized by leading local and foreign experts as one of the most environmentally friendly areas in Ukraine. Today the area of Tavria vineyards is the largest in Ukraine with 1,400 hectares.

The House of Vintage Cognacs "Tavria" occupies a leading place among producers of prestigious collections of vintage cognac in Ukraine. Classic technology, adherence to international standards of quality, and a stylish design opens the way for the Tavria goods all over the world. Today, the company exports its goods to more than 17 countries, including the USA, Canada, and Nigeria.

There are four main brands in the company's cognac portfolio: "Jatone", "Tavria", "AleXX", "Borisfen". There is also a wine portfolio, which is represented by "Naomi" and "Askania." 

By visiting our company, everyone can learn the sources of the classical technology of cognac production, the origins of winemaking in the Tavria region, and feel the atmosphere of the cellars: you will see a gallery that consists of 6,500 oak barrels, in which the best cognac spirits have been aged for decades.

Since 1970, the company has received more than 335 awards at International competitions and tastings, including 138 gold medals, 106 silver medals, 36 special recognitions, and 13 Grand Prix awards.

of the XX Jubilee "Tavria Fair"

Lukas Manufacturing and Trading Company is a modern, dynamic enterprise and a leading producer of puff pastry products, which is one of the best confectionery enterprises in Ukraine. The assortment of products includes more than 100 items, among them products of puff pastry, shortcrust, sweets and cakes. The company's production capacity is up to 2,500 tons per month.

Lukas has two production sites with a total area of about 17 hectares, modern warehouses with automatic temperature control systems, its own transport and logistics company "L-trans", a network of "Lukas" brand stores, fresh baked goods and sweets store "Sloyka” and the Burger Cafe "Croissant."

The company employs more than 1000 people. Sales of products in the territory of Ukraine are carried out by its own exclusive teams. Products are also exported to foreign markets and 41 countries, including Moldova, Romania, Georgia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Turkmenistan and the Baltic States.

             The developed infrastructure, modern technologies, professional confectionery equipment from world-famous companies as well as our own developments and high qualification of specialists are the components of success of Lukas!

of the XX Jubilee "Tavria Fair"

Підприємство розташоване в степовій зоні, вище пониззя річки Дніпро на 500м за адресою: Україна, Херсонська область, місто Нова Каховка, с. Райське, вул. Основська, 15а. Площа території заводу – 4.4 гектара, на яких розміщені основні та допоміжні цехи. Під’їзні шляхи: автомобільна траса обласного значення.

Основні види діяльності: зберігання пшениці, виробництво борошна, виробництво макаронних виробів, виробництво гранульованих висівок, зберігання готової продукції, оптова та роздрібна торгівля.

Ринки збуту: Україна (Географія збуту борошна, макаронних виробів і гранульованих висівок здійснюється по всій Україні) та Експорт (реалізація продукції на експорт у наступні країни – Молдавія, Палестина, Південна Корея, Ліван, Ангола).

Завдяки розвиненій системі логістики існує можливість швидкого та якісного доставки продукції замовнику в транспортній тарі і спеціально обладнаних автомобілях.

На підприємстві впроваджена система менеджменту якості відповідно до вимог стандарту ДСТУ ISO 9001: 2000 та введена система менеджменту безпеки харчових продуктів відповідно до вимог міжнародного стандарту ISO 22000

of the XX Jubilee "Tavria Fair"

Private Enterprise "Kakhovka Window Factory 'BudМaisteR'" was founded in 2011 in the city of Kakhovka, offering the implementation of a full range of installation and construction works and the sale of plastic windows, doors and aluminum structures. The range of profile systems, accessories, accessories and experience of our specialists allows us to fulfill individual orders of any complexity, shape, size, color, and type of double glazing. We also offer blinds of different types and related products.

Today we are the official VIP dealer of the largest plant in Ukraine Steko.

The company has all the necessary certificates and licenses. The designs meet the requirements of the relevant DSTU standards.

Address: 74800, Kherson Oblast, Kakhovka, 85 Melitopol St

Tel. +38 050 396 44 32


of the XX Jubilee "Tavria Fair"

The company was founded in 2000 and is located in Kherson region - Tavriysk, ul. Promyslova 4L. It is engaged in scientific-production activity in the territory of Ukraine, near and far abroad.

The production area of ​​the enterprise is more than 2800 sq.m, the machine park consists of: 48 metal cutting machines (turning 4 pcs, milling 3 pcs., grinding 3 pcs., plasma cutting machine, welding posts 4pcs., heat treatment furnace 2 pcs. etc.), the number of employees is 40. There is a design department.

We have extensive experience in developing and introducing into the production of artificial and mass production of the necessary products, as their own, and in cooperation with other enterprises (production of foundry equipment, applicators for seeding equipment, screws for extruders, casting of products of high-strength and durable cast iron, galvanizing, etc.)

The enterprise is engaged in development and production of:

  • metal structures, machine tools, machines and equipment;
  • new-generation animal feed equipment;
  • parts and units for irrigation machines and drip irrigation, including underground (subsoil irrigation);
  • filters and fertilizer tanks.

Performs the following works: welding, welding work of ferrous, non-ferrous and stainless metals; repair and restoration of machines and mechanisms; shot blasting of metal; high quality powder coating line of metal surfaces with improved adhesion; turning and milling operations, grinding and plasma cutting of metal.

of the XX Jubilee "Tavria Fair"

Company LLC "Service-Agrozakhid" was established in 2012 to assemble high-performance and most cost-effective crop technologies.

The company begins its work with agrarian enterprises, at least with two or three years of analysis of work, that is, with the rotation of the use of pesticides, the levels reached affect all cultures. Further chemical and physical analyzes of the soil are conducted, a map of weeds is drawn up and based on the factors listed, a crop rotation and technological map for each crop is proposed.

In order to provide the technological map, the management consultant company "Service-Agrozakhid" offers suitable products, such as seeds, pesticides, fertilizers and specialty products, leading companies and agricultural machinery companies PÖTTINGER.